RIP, Alexander Diatsintos, "The Golden Greek"

When we marry and become part of another family, there’s always one person in the new family who connects with you on a special level. When I married Joanne, my brother-in-law Alexander Diatsintos became that person.

Yesterday we buried Alex, who passed away on Sunday, August 3, 2014.  A loving father, grandfather and husband, Alex was a brilliant aerospace engineer and a leader in Maryland’s Greek-American soccer and basketball community.

After I married into the family, he introduced me to Greek culture and history in ways that no one else could. (He once proposed making America the “New Greece” and also thought of settling a planet with Greeks. He was that kind of visionary.) Joanne and I attended countless holiday dinners at Alex and Paula’s house. He always invited friends—a collection of Greeks, Serbs, Armenians, assorted Eastern Europeans—and neighbors who were at loose ends or may not have had family near on Thanksgiving, Christmas or Greek Easter. He was that kind of friend.

He is survived by Paula Diatsintos, children Cassandra and Christos Diatsintos, step-son James McPherson, cousin Dennis Levissianos, 3 grandchildren, and friends the world over.

Alex had a big heart and fought all the way to the end.

Requiescat in pace, Alex.

-Brian W. Simpson, GHN Editor-in-Chief 

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