Almost All Clear in Liberia

Liberia released its last Ebola patient from a treatment center yesterday—but the country must pass 42 days with no new cases to be officially declared Ebola-free.

Beatrice Yardolo, a 58-year-old English teacher, called herself “one of the happiest persons on Earth today,” after being discharged from a Chinese-run Ebola treatment center in Monrovia. Liberia’s deputy health minister, Tolbert Nyenswah, also said that Liberia has no other confirmed cases of Ebola, and the WHO confirmed Liberia has passed a week without reporting new cases.

The outlook is less rosy for Guinea and Sierra Leone, which together reported 132 new cases last week, and the countries continue to see high numbers of deaths, the WHO warned, “suggesting that the need for early isolation and treatment is not yet understood, accepted or acted upon," the WHO warned.
The Guardian


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