The Dirty Truth

1 grim, grimy statistic leads to another and another: Just 20% of health facilities in Mali provide clean water. Dirty water and the lack of safe toilets are among the top 5 killers of women worldwide. 1 in 5 newborn deaths could be prevented with safe water, sanitation and clean hands.

Drawing on data from 54 low- and middle-income countries, a new WHO/UNICEF report concludes that 38% of health facilities lack access to even rudimentary levels of water, 19% lack sanitation and 35% do not have water and soap for handwashing.

“It’s an embarrassment for the health sector that this issue is so ignored,” said Bruce Gordon, coordinator of water, sanitation, hygiene and health for the WHO. “It’s a fixable crisis. It’s a crisis because it’s hidden.”
The Guardian

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