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Diseases spread by dirty water and poor sanitation kill more women than AIDS, diabetes or breast cancer, according to WaterAid.
Analyzing data from the Seattle-based Institute of Health Metrics, WaterAid concluded:

  • 1 billion women, or 1 in 3, around the world, lack access to a safe, private toilet
  • 370 million, or 1 in 10, do not have access to clean water
  • Nearly 800,000 women die every year as a result

It matters because dirty water and poor sanitation are linked to other problems, including maternal and child mortality and sexual violence. Home births without access to clean water expose women and their babies to infections, and the lack of safe toilets puts women and girls in harm’s way when they venture outside to relieve themselves. Furthermore, hours spent fetching water can keep girls away from school.

What more fitting way to honor International Women’s Day this Sunday, March 8, than to highlight this problem, and resolve to act?

Thomson Reuters


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