Assessing Nepal’s Needs

Even before Saturday’s earthquake, Nepal had significant unmet needs for surgery and access to care. In 2014, 10% of the population required surgery and 23% of deaths were potentially avoidable with proper access to surgical care, according to a new study in the British Journal of Surgery.

Nearly 2,700 individuals were surveyed with the Surgeons OverSeas Assessment of Surgical need (SOSAS) tool, along with a physical examination, in the study led by surgeon Shailvi Gupta, from the University of California San Francisco East Bay.

With the reasonable size of the physician workforce in Nepal, unmet surgical need may be a problem of distribution of resources. The inability to access care reflected a lack of personnel, facilities or equipment and money, the authors write, as well as fear or lack of trust in Nepal’s health system.
British Journal of Surgery

Thanks for the tip, Adam Kushner!

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