“From Farm to Plate, Make Food Safe”

As travel and trade expands, food safety is an increasingly global concern that requires careful coordination and political attention, WHO emphasized yesterday.

The WHO chose “From farm to plate: make food safe” as a theme of World Health Day yesterday because of its impact on public health and the global economy, said WHO’s Executive Director Jacob Kumaresan, speaking at the UN in New York. Food and waterborne diseases, tied to bacteria like Salmonella Typhi and E.Coli, are linked to approximately 2 million deaths per year, with Africa and South Asia especially at risk, according to the WHO.

The Quote: “Unsafe food is a largely under-reported and an often overlooked global problem,” said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who added, “With the food supply chain stretching around the world, the need to strengthen food safety systems within and among countries is becoming more critical.”

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