The First Response to Nepal’s Quake

By Sarah Tanvir, MBBS, MPH

There are no words to express the sorrow at loss of lives in an earthquake. A system should be created so that at times of such catastrophes all public health specialists can unite at one platform and use all their abilities to save the affected people from further physical and mental pain.

The first response to a disaster is rescuing and providing medical help to injured survivors. Developed countries should be quick to respond by providing the required machinery for search and rescue of people.

Surgical care, medicines, shelter and food supply shall be provided to injured with a proper record system of all the patients. Proper care should be taken of avoiding outbreak in survivors without homes by ensuring safe water supply, safe food and shelter avoiding overcrowding.

Chlorination should be done to disinfect water. Proper sanitation should be ensured to prevent diseases associated with animals or vectors.

At such times authorities from all countries should direct their funds and supplies for relief work to the affected area to ensure rapid recovery.

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