New Tragedy in Migrant Crisis

Reports of another ship with African migrant capsizing this weekend worsened the crisis, pressuring European leaders to come up with solutions and igniting anger from humanitarian organizations.

The latest tragedy occurred about 60 miles north of Libya with more than 700 people (and as many as 950) feared lost, according to The Guardian.  

The capsizing led Italy’s prime minister to call for an emergency European summit this week to address the crisis. 400 people drowned in the same area last week.

Meanwhile, outraged humanitarian organizations demanded a swift response. Amnesty International called the latest disaster a predictable “man-made tragedy.”

The Quote: “The world needs to react with the conviction with which it eliminated piracy off the coast of Somalia a few years ago . All of us, especially the EU and the world’s powers can no longer sit on the sidelines watching while this tragedy unfolds in slow motion and well over 1,500 have drowned since the beginning of January,” said William Lacy Swing, director general of the International Organization for Migration, in a statement.


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