Post-Quake Threats to Health

Saturday's devastating earthquake killed more than 4,000 people and injured thousands, and the death toll could rise to 10,000, The Guardian reports

With survivors facing a host of health threats, NBC reports. Nepalese officials are calling for foreign aid, including supplies and medical teams—doctors, nerve specialists, surgeons and paramedics—along with search and rescue equipment.

Major concerns at this point include the spread of diseases like cholera and dysentery from poor sanitation. WHO is sending medical supplies and health workers into the affected region, deploying more emergency health kits with essential medicines and instruments to cover the needs of 80,000 people for 3 months, in coordination with Nepal’s Health Ministry.

UNICEF reports that as many as 1.5 million people affected by the earthquake are sleeping outside, according to LiveScience, which can fuel the spread of diseases, like diarrhea, respiratory diseases, and measles. Another challenge is helping people reliant on medical care like dialysis or daily medications.
Relief teams are working to set up a sanitation system to provide clean water, and UNICEF is working to provide oral rehydration salts, and looking into vaccination needs.

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