State of the World 2015: Hidden Threats to Sustainability

Acknowledging and addressing hidden threats to sustainability is the theme of the WorldWatch Institute’s State of the World 2015, its annual flagship publication.

The book addresses 8 key issues in depth, including food insecurity, migration and climate change, and the rapid rise in zoonotic diseases. The Ebola crisis might have gotten the world’s attention, but the authors of the chapter, adapted from William B. Karesh et al., “Ecology of Zoonoses: Natural and Unnatural Histories” (The Lancet, December 2012), contend that people—and governments—still do not appreciate outbreaks like Ebola are part of a systemic global problem.

Out of the 400 new infectious diseases that emerged in humans in the past 70 years, scientists estimate 60% jumped from animals to humans. As humans infringe on forests and animal habitats, and intensify livestock practices and the use of antibiotics in animals, these threats will only grow.

You can purchase a copy of the book, available in multiple languages, at
at the WorldWatch bookstore

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