Sustaining the Fight

Eliminating the threat of malaria would take an estimated $6 billion a year—double the current investment in malaria control.

Why should the world make this investment, amid many other urgent needs? Randall Kramer, professor of environmental economics and global health, Duke University, and Leonard Mboera, chief scientist, Tanzania National Institute for Medical Research, explain the rationale: “In the last year, nearly 200 million people suffered from malaria, and its death toll—more than 500,000—was 50 times greater than that of the widely publicized outbreak of Ebola in West Africa.” They also point to malaria’s devastating toll on the young.

Furthermore, these losses are likely to continue and possibly increase without continued financial support, especially as rising temperatures around the globe raise the possibility that malaria spreading far beyond its current boundaries—and continues to adapt and evolve.
Duke Global Health Institute (Op-Ed)

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