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Man, what a warm welcome to the Twitterverse:

  • @riyankasilmi: My morning coffee companion is now on twitter. Follow @ghn_news if #globalhealth makes you tick!
  • @sarakassabian: Welcome to Twitter @ghn_news! Glad to see my favorite #globalhealth news aggregator also has a new site:
  • @Qiana: Pithy sharp, & fun to read. Welcome to Twitter @ghn_news! #JohnsHopkins #globalhealth
  • @MikeKlag: Welcome Global Health NOW @ghn_news to Twitter!! (Always good to hear from the Dean!)

Thank you and the many others who made it such a great day. It’s like having more than 200 friends welcoming you home!

And please spread the word and send us stories we should share:


Thanks to @nsteodoro for sharing this news:

@nsteodoro Private industry offering some innovative technology. I'll try not to be too skeptical. #globalhealth:  Ikea's flat-pack refugee shelters go into production – de zeen Magazine 

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