Worldwide country situation analysis: response to antimicrobial resistance

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Number of pages: 42
Publication date: 29 April 2015
Languages: English
ISBN: 978 92 4 156494 6
WHO reference number:WHO/HSE/PED/AIP/2015.1


Over a 2-year period, from 2013 to 2014, WHO undertook an initial “country situation analysis” in order to determine the extent to which effective practices and structures to address antimicrobial resistance have been put in place and where gaps remain.

A survey was conducted in countries in all six WHO regions and focused on the building blocks that are considered prerequisites to combat antimicrobial resistance: a comprehensive national plan, laboratory capacity to undertake surveillance for resistant microorganisms, access to safe, effective antimicrobial medicines, control of the misuse of these medicines, awareness and understanding among the general public and effective infection prevention and control programmes.

A full report is now available that presents the overall findings of the survey. The report provides an analysis, by region and globally, of the initiatives under way to address antimicrobial resistance and identifies areas in which more work is needed. A summary of the report is also available.

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