Death Toll Rising; Hospitals Coping

With the death toll rising, and extent of devastation from last weekend’s 7.8 magnitude quake crystallizes, logistic bottlenecks and poor infrastructure impede the delivery of aid, especially in remote areas.

The Numbers:

  • 6,134 fatalities confirmed
  • 13,906 injured
  • Thousands unaccounted for
  • Up to 90% of clinics and schools in some districts rendered unusable

There are still injured people who haven’t been treated, and whole villages have been flattened. The quake left hundreds of thousands homeless, and there is a critical need for more tents, a local religious leader told The Guardian.

In a separate report, the WHO told the Associated Press that while some hospitals are damaged or destroyed, most are coping well and do not need extra personnel or beds—although essential medicines, equipment and materials are needed.

No outbreaks have been reported yet, but the WHO is focused on preventing the possible spread of diarrheal diseases among at least 2.8 million displaced people

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