Nepal Docs’ Necessary Innovations

With more than 14,500 people injured in Nepal’s April 25th earthquake, hospitals are drafting gynecologists, burns specialists and others to set the huge numbers of broken bones.

“Crush injuries” from the quake have overwhelmed medical facilities and people are still being brought to Kathmandu for treatment—including some ferried in by Nepalese army helicopters, according to a Fast Company article supported by the International Reporting Project. 

With medical supplies stretched, physicians are making do with rigging splints with pieces of wood and t-shirts or setting fractures with ropes weighted the bottles of water.

Time is critical: To avoid handicap or disfigurement, the injured who need surgeries must get them within 2-4 weeks, says Dr. Shankar Man Rai, a burns specialist and Kiritpur Hospital’s director.

Fast Company

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