Cellphones in the Doctor’s Kit

mHealth: What is it? How is it working around the world? What challenges does it face? MPH students from the Center for Global Health at Wright State University’s

Boonshoft School of Medicine produced 3 YouTube videos to help answer these questions. Health workers overseas are the target audience, although the videos could also be useful tools for local public health and social workers in the US.

  • The 1st video focuses on explaining mHealth, as defined by the WHO, and its potential uses—in public health emergencies as well as everday care.
  • The 2nd video looks at how mHealth works around the world—from Thailand, where text messaging is used to encourage HIV testing, to South Africa, where cellphones are used to remind people to take their medicines and go to medical appointments.
  • The 3rd video looks at mHealth challenges , for example, the lack of reliable Internet.

Thanks for the tip, Cristina Redko!

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