Smoking: Strength in Uncertainty

Perhaps never has the answer “I’m not sure,” been delivered so articulately by such an informed source as Joanna Cohen in this thoughtful opinion piece about whether or not e-cigs are a savior for smokers, a lurking global danger—or both.

In making the case for her refreshing if ambiguous position on the polarizing e-cigs issue, Cohen, the director of the Institute for Global Tobacco Control at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health, imparts a vital lesson about the nature of science.

“This degree of uncertainty isn’t what makes science weak,” she observes. “It’s what makes science strong. You see, science doesn’t happen with the flip of a switch, but rather arrives incrementally, as if by dimmer. It’s only completely illuminating when we’ve fully turned the knob. And truth be told, we’re never done turning the knob.”
USA Today

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