Why Mycetoma? Q&A with Annie Liang and Simran Dhunna

Out of 170 nominations to the Untold Global Health Story of 2015 contest last March, mycetoma, submitted by Annie Liang and Simran Dhunna stood out.

Their entry led to the stunning 3-part series by Amy Maxmen about mycetoma in Sudan for Global Health NOW (look for part 3 tomorrow).

In this Q&A, Liang and Dhunna share the moment they learned about mycetoma, and what motivated them to find a way to make the world care. Liang explains, “First, more than anything, I hope that mycetoma will provide a face for the many more neglected diseases outside of the WHO’s list of 17 that remain unheard of, unnamed and may never reach the limelight.”

Global Health NOW

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