Suksma, Indonesia

photo of canang sari
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Canang sari. Image by Maryalice Yakutchik.

Not 2 minutes after first venturing out onto a busy city street in Bali, I inadvertently step on a small basket of woven palm leaf holding rice and flowers.


Sheepishly, I look around to apologize to the person who took the time and effort to construct this lovely daily offering known as canang sari.  I don’t see anyone angry at me, but I do notice canang sari are everywhere. They are ubiquitous on the pavements of streets, at intersections, in front of warung (family-owned shops and restaurants), on the dashboards of the taxis, on the seats of bicycles, on the heads of women transporting them, and of course, in pura (temples) and on shrines of every shape and size.

These silent but incessant symbols of the Balinese people's gratitude to God speak to the simple but powerful act of giving thanks.

Suksma! (Thank you!)

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