Anti-Abortion Laws Could Hinder Zika Research

18 US state laws trying to block fetal tissue research could thwart Zika research, scientists say.

Many scientists believe that fetal tissue research is critical to find the answers about Zika that could save children from birth defects or death. “Basically the only insights we’ve had so far on Zika is with patients who have either lost a pregnancy or had miscarriages … This is a situation where the vaccine is going to have to protect the mom and protect the baby. Fetal tissue is going to be needed to look at the effects,” said Patrick Ramsey, an obstetrician at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio.

Others noted that the clearest evidence yet that Zika causes birth defects came from studying an aborted fetus from an Eastern European woman, and that fetal brains develop very differently even than children’s brains.


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