Discrimination in Hospitals

HIV-positive patients in Asia have endured discrimination including being expelled from hospitals, forced to undergo sterilization, and refused surgeries, according to a series of interviews by Asia Catalyst.

51 interviewees from Burma, Cambodia, China, and Vietnam reported they were denied care after disclosing their HIV-positive status, including:

  • In Burma and Cambodia, HIV-positive patients were segregated
  • A Cambodian woman was forced out of the hospital before she learned how to prevent transmission of HIV to her newborn
  • Sterilization as a condition of providing pregnancy-related services to HIV-positive women; a woman in Burma was sterilized without knowledge or consent

The findings may not come as a surprise, said Gareth Durrant, Asia Catalyst's Bangkok-based director of capacity building and community initiatives, but the findings gave grassroots organizations a tool to speak to officials and raise awareness about the need to pay attention to at-risk populations.

Thomson Reuters Foundation

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