In Search of Political Will

Lingering inequities in HIV treatment promises to top the agenda of this summer’s International AIDS Conference.

The conference, to be held July 18–22 in Durban, South Africa, needs to address getting HIV prevention and treatment services to gay and bisexual men, sex workers, prisoners and drug users, says the Bloomberg School’s Chris Beyrer, AIDS 2016 co-chair and president of the International AIDS Society.

The Quote: “We have had a spectacular string of research advances,” says Beyrer, citing the HIV-prevention method known as PrEP, which involves individuals taking daily meds to lower their chances of getting infected. “The big challenge now is, do we have the political will to implement these advances to reduce new infections and stop the dying?”

In the weeks ahead of the conference, GHN will post a series of Q&As with Chris Beyrer.

Maryalice Yakutchik, Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health

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