Buzzword Buzzkill

There comes a time to kill overused biz buzzwords, and Nonprofit with Balls is here to do the deed.

Instead of just pointing out jargon that has become grating, the blog—festooned with a juggling unicorn and directed at underappreciated non-profit workers—helpfully offers new clichés as replacements.

Here are a few samples:

  • Move the needle. “Unless your nonprofit is a drug prevention or intervention group and you’re literally moving needles, avoid this. Replace with, ‘Peel the butternut,” Nonprofit with Balls suggests.
  • It is what it is. “Yes. It sure is. That’s…very helpful of you to say,” opines the blog, which suggests, “A rhino ain’t a wombat,” as an alternative.
  • Let’s put that in the parking lot. Suggested replacement, “Let’s write that into a grant proposal.” Nonprofits everywhere can relate.

Innovative. “You know what is really innovative? General operating funds. So let’s replace with ‘gen-op,’” suggests the juggling unicorn.

Nonprofit with Balls

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