World Humanitarian Day: Desperately Seeking Moral Compass

Following a terrorist attack on the UN headquarters in Baghdad in 2003, the UN General Assembly named August 19 World Humanitarian Day to honor fallen aid workers and humanitarians.

Yet absent political leadership to secure access in conflict zones, it’s become a “mockery” that sets up aid workers to “fail catastrophically,” writes James Munn, of the Norwegian Refugee Council, in a commentary. “In May, well-fed Syrian soldiers blocked the delivery of baby milk to starving families in Daraya,” he writes.

Munn says world leaders have failed the world’s refugees—noting that Kenya cited Europe’s example in its decision to close the Dadaab refugee camp. “Governments are aiding and abetting populism and fear. Upholding a moral compass is a thing of the past,” Munn writes.
Thomson Reuters Foundation (Opinion)

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