Ambassador Wonder Woman, Your Invisible Plane Awaits 

The BBC reports that the UN is naming comic book heroine Wonder Woman as it new honorary ambassador. The UN will use her to promote messages about women's empowerment and gender-based violence.

It’s a big step, I guess, for an organization that has never been led by a woman and that gave 20 out of 22 senior leadership positions to men last year, according to one analysis.

Though some comic book fans hailed WW’s appointment, the UK Women's Equality Party said it was “fittingly comic that the UN could not think of a single human woman who could take on this role,” according to the BBC.

Speaking of the 1970s
WHO director-general Margaret Chan recently joined health ministers in a "Staying Alive" dance routine to demonstrate the importance of working out after lunch,The Standard reports.
“Chan, who as Hong Kong's former director of health is known for loving karaoke and a little twirl on the dance floor, strutted to the beat of the Bee Gees' hit Staying Alive, following the lead of about 10 regional WHO staffers,” according to The Standard.

Somebody call WikiLeaks. We want the video!

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