Global Health Nerds: Start Clicking!

The good folks at Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Mosaic by the Wellcome Trust have created the funnest new tool for everyone interested in global health: Global Health Check.
Just pop in the year of your birth (or someone else’s) and dive deep into the well-crafted data visualizations. Learn facts like how much global life expectancy has increased during your lifetime. (Bummer: It only computes years of life added since 1960; they must have drawn the line on reliable data there.)
Other interesting facts:

  • Baby Boomers have witnessed a boost in average life expectancy from 52 to 72 years.
  • Gen X has been alive for more than 30 lifesaving medical discoveries, including MMR vaccine and the insulin pump.

Our personal favorite segment: “Which disease outbreaks have happened in your life? And how do they compare with other global tragedies?

It’s definitely SFW. Just tell your boss you’re doing research.

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