Sugar Tax

Marking World Obesity Day today, the WHO calls on governments to up taxes on sugary drinks.
Pointing to a global rise in obesity and diabetes—obesity more than doubled worldwide in the past several decades, adding up to about 500 million people—the WHO has said people from the Americas to Western Europe and the Middle East need to roughly halve their sugar consumption to lower their risks. The WHO pointed to research showing that upping the cost of sugary drinks by 20% leads to a proportional drop in consumption.
Sugar Peddlers
Meanwhile, Big Soda has turned to Big Tobacco as a role model—fighting anti-soda legislation while sponsoring health organizations, according to a study published yesterday in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.
The Quote: “These companies lobbied against public health intervention in 97% of cases, calling into question a sincere commitment to improving the public’s health,” according to the study by Boston University. “By accepting funding from these companies, health organizations are inadvertently participating in their marketing plans.”
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