Rock Stars for a Night

The Breakthrough Foundation treated more than a thousand scientists like rock stars last night, giving out $25 million in annual prize money.
Founded by Silicon Valley giants including Yuri Milner and Julia Milner; Sergey Brin; Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan, each year’s recipients are chosen by a committee of previous awardees. This year’s winners include:

  • 5 molecular biologists, who won $3 million each for genetics and cell biology
  • 3 string theorists who split a $3 million physics prize
  • 1,015 physicists working on the LIGO gravitational wave detector who split another $3 million physics prize
  • 6 smaller “New Horizons” prizes totaling $600,000 for 10 “early career” researchers
  • 2 high school students won $400,000 each for science videos

Source: The New York Times

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