More Suffering for Syrians

With his Executive Order suspending refugee resettlement in the US and restricting travel from 7 countries, US President Trump signed away hope for Syrians trying to reach safety this past weekend.
MSF’s Jason Cone said that the US refugee screening system was actually quite robust and only absorbing a tiny sliver of Syrians in need compared to poorer countries neighboring Syria. Cone described the health threats facing the 5 million Syrians trapped within Syria, where the entire health system is in ruins:

  • Vaccinations: With the collapse of vaccination and public health systems, children will not be immunized against polio, measles, tetanus
  • Leishmaniasis, a skin disease fueled by a lack of proper shelter, clean water and soap; cases in Syria shot up to more than 100,000 in 2014 (from just 3,000 before the war)
  • Diabetes: This highly treatable condition is going unchecked, as refugees lack control over their diet and access to medicine
  • War injuries and trauma: Millions of Syrians have experienced extreme mental trauma

Source: The Atlantic

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