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Iceland’s rates of teen smoking, drinking and drug use have fallen dramatically since 1998 thanks to an orchestrated national plan.
Known as Youth in Iceland, the long-running program has included policies that protect children from tobacco and alcohol advertising and keep young teens home at night. Education initiatives targeting parents helps them foster their children’s wellbeing.
And increased state funding has bolstered organized sports, music, arts, dance and other activities. Sample result: 15- and 16-year-olds who report having been drunk in the previous month plummeted from 42% in 1998 to 5% in 2016.
The spin-off Youth in Europe is now entrenched in 35 cities, across 17 countries. But efforts to bring the model to the US have proven less fruitful.
Source: Mosaic

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May 15, 2017

The programme Youth in Iceland is very interesting and I wonder why other countries cannot adopt it. In my country, for example, to get the government administration, school and families together is almost impossible. As USA the resources for community programmes hereare not long enough to get effective results. Congratulations to Iceland and all countries that are adopting that programme.

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