Estimating Infertility in LMICs

Infertility in low-income countries is a neglected reproductive health issue, despite its staggering impact. It’s also under-measured, especially in low-income settings. However, a new approach to measuring the extent of the problem could be a catalyst for change, a team of reproductive health researchers argue in a new GHN commentary.

While reliable prevalence estimates are critical to addressing the problem, methodological and resource challenges have undermined efforts to date.

The researchers applied the “current duration” measurement approach—validated in Europe and the US, but not previously applied in a low-income setting—in Nigeria. The research, just published in the journal Human Reproduction, details how this approach could improve monitoring of infertility using existing datasets and permit cross-country comparisons—and ultimately assist planning for programs to address infertility care.

Source: Chelsea B. Polis, Carie M. Cox, Özge Tunçalp, Alexander C. McLain, and Marie E. Thoma, Global Health NOW

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