Killer's Comeback

Doctors in Hong Kong fear that tuberculosis, once a #1 killer thought to have been beaten back there, is poised to surge again.
TB remains the only disease in Hong Kong treated free of charge, after a post-WWII disease-fighting push. But growing antibiotic resistance, tourists from disease hot spots, and an aging population place that progress in jeopardy. Last year, Hong Kong saw 4,412 new cases and 155 deaths. 
Hong Kong also receives about 45 million visitors a year from China, where the WHO reported a whopping 1 million new cases in 2015. China is also the source of 1/3 of global multidrug-resistant TB cases. But Chan Shiu-lun, a chest physician, says that Hong Kong’s rapidly aging population is perhaps the most important factor in the TB resurgence.
Source: South China Morning Post

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