The Real Hippity-Hoppity Hero of “BBC Dad"

In case you haven’t seen it (maybe you’re busy trying to keep your kids out of your hair long enough to hold a phone interview for work), “BBC Dad” went viral this week giving work-from-home parents everywhere some relatable comic relief. Catch up (or enjoy it again…and again…) here.
Robert E. Kelly, was doing a live Skype commentary on South Korea for the BBC when his young children wandered curiously into his home office followed by their panicked mother. Kelly has since become yet another web sensation and graciously spent the last week answering high-impact questions such as “Were you wearing pants?”  “My real life punched through the fake cover I had created for television,” he says after formally introducing the world to his daughter, Marion, and son, James alongside his wife, Kim Jeong-ah.
But the breakout star here is Marion, the bespectacled 4-year-old who, with her “hoppity” dance and dashing little trench coat and lollipop, is now the Internet’s meme darling. While she may have a few years before she’s ready to lead the WHO or sit on a research panel, little Marion just might be a great candidate for “authentic female role model.” (We also think her patient mom, Kim Jeong-ah, is another front-runner!)  
Source: New York Times

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