Beyond Climate Change

While an estimated 200,000 climate change protesters descended on Washington DC for a sweltering Saturday of protest, researchers focused on the new field of planetary health gathered in Boston.
The questions go beyond climate science to address how human activity is increasingly upsetting all of Earth’s systems—driving a larger burden of disease. Harvard's Sam Myers, MD, lead organizer of this first Planetary Health summit, gave some specific examples to WBUR’s Carey Goldberg.
A big one: biodiversity loss, such as the loss of pollinator insects like bees, and the outsize impact on food security. Asked what effects the US is likely to see, he said, “I guess I would turn that question around: What does it mean for us to live in one of the wealthiest societies in the world, where our consumption practices are putting the most vulnerable people, all over the planet, billions of them, in harm's way?”
Source: WBUR
Thanks for the tip, Arianna De Lorenzi!

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