Scientists' Bizarre Baggage

Have you heard the one about the scientist who was flagged in airport security for having a 3D-printed model of a mouse penis in his bag?

If you’re a researcher, this might sound familiar. Noting that scientists often travel with one-of-a-kind materials that are a challenge to transport, Atlantic science writer Ed Yong put out a call to scientists on Twitter asking them to share their stories of rare or unusual carry-ons.

In the ensuing article, Yong curated a list of items that have kept TSA agents guessing (and sometimes giggling), including: the shin bone of a giant ground sloth, monkey urine, 5,000-year-old human bones, and, yes, 3-D printed molds of various zoonotic genitalia.

But it isn’t just bones and embryo samples carried by scientists that have held up security lines: Who knew that a Nobel prize looked so suspicious under the scanners?

Source: The Atlantic

Thanks for the tip, Barbara Benham!

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