Swipe Right for "Exciting and Probable"

Papr is a Tinder-inspired app for users to rate research paper abstracts in 1 of 4 categories from “exciting and probable” to “boring and questionable.” Co-creator Jeff Leek, a biostatistician at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, says the app can help researchers get a better handle on the sheer number of papers and “uncover interdisciplinary overlap.”
But, while apps like Tinder and Papr can help us view a larger landscape of choices, the real problem can be in knowing when to commit.
Not to fear, says cognitive scientist Tom Griffiths. In a recent article, Griffiths extols the human brain for its ability to extract conclusions from small amounts of data. In dating, for example, he suggests a “golden formula:” consider 37% of the dating pool and then “commit to the next person you meet who is better than anyone you’ve already met.”

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