All We Need is Hate

Apparently, Pennsylvania has it out for chai lattes, and South Dakotans harbor intense dislike for expensive cheese platters.
We were having a grand time thinking of all the ways we could introduce this Hate Map of foods for each state as a Friday Diversion when a little detail emerged:
“Data provided by Hater, the dating app that matches people based on what they hate.” Wait...what?
This Diversion just took a diversion.
Hater is, in fact, a real dating app where love seekers are matched based on their mutual hatred* of things like “slow walkers” and “paying extra for guacamole.” Perhaps all we need is a little hate to find love.
(*Business Insider points out that Hater creators “do not condone hate speech or bigotry.”)

Blast from a Diversion Past: Update to Google’s Contentious Manifesto: Discrimination of women in the tech industry dates back to medieval brewers. Pacific Standard

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