Flood of Catastrophes

On 2 continents, catastrophic flooding has led to unprecedented destruction and a death toll that promises to rise.

Monsoon floods in India, Nepal and Bangladesh have killed 1,200 people—a number expected to rise with millions of people directly affected, Al Jazeera reports. The UN is calling the flooding in Nepal the worst in a decade, while in India, federal interior ministry official Rajan Kumar said, "We will have to provide immediate rehabilitation aid to help millions affected directly." In all 3 countries, thousands of villages have been isolated by floodwaters, leaving people stranded for days without food and clean water.

In the US, Hurricane Harvey has already dumped 24 inches of rain on the country’s fourth largest city, with predictions for 15-25 inches more to come, according to Reuters. Hundreds of thousands are without power, more than 2,000 people have had to be rescued and 2 people have died. The storm is drawing comparisons to Hurricane Katrina, which killed 1,800 people in 2005.

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