Health Disaster in the Making

MSF sounded the alarm that immediate action is needed to help the Rohingya refugees packing into makeshift camps in Bangladesh, saying all the conditions for a major public health disaster are brewing.

More than 422,000 people fled across the border from Burma’s Rakhine State in just the past 3 weeks, converging in what amount to slums without adequate access to shelter, food, clean water or latrines. Citing the rapid population surge and low vaccine coverage for measles and cholera, MSF says the risk of an infectious disease outbreak in the area runs high.

“There are no roads in or out of the settlement, making aid delivery very difficult. The terrain is hilly and prone to landslides, and there is a complete absence of latrines. When you walk through the settlement, you have to wade through streams of dirty water and human faeces,” said Kate White, MSF’s emergency medical coordinator.

Source: MSF

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