On the Lookout for Leprosy

Leprosy can be easily cured with freely available multidrug therapy—if caught early.

Therein lies the difficulty: there is no simple test in the early phases, when symptoms are subtle and easily missed. "Diagnosis is made with a feather or a pencil run across the skin, and the person says whether they feel it or not," says Novartis Foundation chief Ann Aerts.

That’s a major reason why leprosy persists, despite a massive push in the 1990s. Many countries, including India, succeeded in lowering cases—but it also led people to lower their guard. “It isn't that leprosy has gone away. But people have stopped looking for it,” said Leprosy Mission's Gareth Shrubshole.

Source: NPR Goats and Soda

Thanks for the tip, Heath Elliott!

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Mohammed Ali
October 19, 2017

As Leprosy is one of the neglected diseases, what I have sated earlier also work for it. The important challenge related with Leprosy prevention and control is that its nature of incubation period, affected persons usually take longer time on average to manifest the key features. Hence, it needs continuous awareness creation, active case finding and case management. Of course, the degree of disability that Leprosy usually results are also very serious, including up to permeant disabilities. So that, apart from the negative consequences on individuals, we can imagine how it contribute negative socio-economic development.

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