Your Friday Diversion: Nothing Trivial About Fowl Play

Americans, are you low on nerdy Thanksgiving trivia to impress your dining partners? Bonnie Berkowitz rescues you with an entertaining quiz in The Washington Post.

Example: “What’s science-nerd code for ‘Thanksgiving?’” (Hint: It’s not “Revelry of the Roasted Reptile”—although we admire Berkowitz’s flair for alliteration.) From a public health perspective, though, we were disappointed to learn that sweet potatoes don’t kill intestinal worms.

For Thanksgiving hosts, Mental Floss imparts words of wisdom, too—don’t baste your turkey with varnish, don’t let chihuahuas climb inside your turkey, and even if you think orange is a pretty color, don’t leave a turkey unattended in a fryer. True stories, folks. Guests, beware …

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