Toxic Exile

There are no schools, jobs, or hospitals in Mahul, a former fishing village east of Mumbai. Sewage flows into the streets.
Yet it is now home to some 30,000 people relocated from Mumbai, as the city tears down former slums to make room for new development. Residents allege it’s part of a plan to push out the poor to make way for the wealthier to live closer to Mumbai’s center.  
In Mahul, marked “critically polluted,” some 67% of residents complained of breathlessness, 87% complained of eye irritations, and 85% had experienced choking sensations, according to a hospital survey.
There are no basic services, said Anita Dhole, a relocated 40-year-old, “But there are smoke-belching chimneys – and a crematorium. It’s the government’s way of telling us that they’ve sent us here to die.”

The Guardian

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