Witness for the Rohingya

Burma’s government has used guns and machetes to kill the Rohingya … but a more subtle form of ethnic cleansing is at work as well, writes Nicholas Kristof.

The massacres and machete attacks of last August are over for now, but Rohingya remain confined to their villages — and to a huge concentration camp — and are systematically denied most education and medical care,” he writes. Kristof slipped into 5 Rohingya villages in the country—which has banned most would-be witnesses—on a tourist visa. What he saw, he writes in this must-read column, amounts to genocide in slow motion.

Kristof details the government’s tactics, including Facebook-fueled propaganda to help turn ordinary citizens against the Rohingya. He also points to steps the world should take: such as sanctions, gathering war crimes evidence, pressing for humanitarian access, and naming and shaming the perpetrators.

The New York Times (Op-Ed)

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