We Need to Talk About Death

“I’m not afraid to die. It’s how you’re going to die,” says a patient in the documentary, “Defining Hope.” The film follows individuals and families navigating end-of-life care, focusing on the decision-making process, who is involved and how everyone must assess their own “quality of life” wishes.

“It is our greatest hope that this film will help lead and catalyze a national dialogue that translates our interviewees’ recommendations into public action,” the filmmakers state.

“Defining Hope” airs on PBS with screenings scheduled nationwide and a DVD that will be available in June. The website includes trailers and resources for health care advance planning.

Defining Hope (Film)


Editors’ Note: In case you missed it, GHN ran an exclusive series last week on palliative care. Here’s the link to the full series: A World in Agony: The Global Need for Pain Treatment

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