Censorship Stresses the Need for #NoMoreLimits

The University of Otago issued a mea culpa after seizing 500 copies of a campus magazine with an 'objectionable' cover image of a menstruating cartoon character. Citing censorship of women's bodies, editor Joel MacManus stated that "the intention was to break taboos and encourage open discussion about menstruation" Thomas Reuters Foundation reported.

The timing underscores the importance of the upcoming World Menstrual Hygiene Day on May 28. Convened by WASH United, MH Day will see more than 30 countries observing the challenges women and girls face because of menstruation.

Organizations worldwide have contributed materials like infographics and webinars to catalyze the global MH agenda.


Ed. Note: Please be advised, the Thomson Reuters Foundation article includes the magazine’s graphic cover at the end of the article.

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