Big Vape on Campus

E-cigarette and vape companies are exploring new ways to build their reputation as cigarette alternatives. Some brands are offering scholarships to get students writing about the products and to boost their brand’s presence on top universities' websites, including Harvard, AP reported. Briefs for essay contests offering $250-5,000 have asked students to compare and recommend vape products.

Meanwhile, Philip Morris International is planning to roll out its iQOS smoking device in India, Reuters reported. The country has strict tobacco-deterring laws like taxes and warning labels—as well as 106 million adult smokers (second only to China). The tobacco giant bills the pen-like device—which heats but doesn’t burn tobacco—as a reduced-risk product, and is lobbying Indian government to market it as such. Philip Morris is also applied to the US FDA to market the device as a less-harmful cigarette alternative.

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