From Roseanne to RoseAmbien

Do you suffer from embarrassing Twitter racism? Does your bedtime routine involve throwing on PJs and comparing a former Obama adviser to an ape? Can your nocturnal impulses bring down the most anticipated comedy revival in decades? 

If you said yes, you may be suffering from a rare case of "Ambien tweeting," which Roseanne Barr blamed this week after she tapped off a racist tweet about Valerie Jarrett. Roseanne's TV comeback was promptly axed, and will reportedly be replaced with an infomercialstarring Roseannefor an anti-racism vaccine called RoseAmbien.

After consulting its scroll of Ambien side effects, drug maker Sanofi was no doubt thrilled to confirm that racism is not one of them. But uncontrollable nocturnal snacking on raw eggs? That might still be on the list, Gizmodo reported.

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