Countries Falling Short on AMR Pledges

Of the ~200 countries that pledged in 2015 to address the sweeping overuse of antibiotics, only about half have developed national action plans, Reuters reported.
Furthermore, dozens of countries lack surveillance systems to monitor antibiotic use and policies to curb spiraling antimicrobial resistance, according to a new progress report from the FAO, the WHO, and the World Organization for Animal Health. And, while most countries require antibiotic prescriptions for people, less than half attempt to rein in agricultural use, revealed the report, based on country self-assessments.
The FAO hails the 105 countries with surveillance systems in place to report drug-resistant infections in humans, the 68 countries tracking antimicrobial consumption, and the 123 countries with policies to limit antimicrobial sales. Undermining that progress, though, is spotty implementation and the unchecked availability of unregulated medicines in many street markets.

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