Medical Students Primed to Lead

MONTRÉAL, Québec—“When you have more, you have to give more.”
Québec Chief Public Health Officer Horacio Arruda knew exactly what to say to the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations audience.
More than 900 IFSMA reps from over 100 countries have gathered in Montréal for their general assembly, and they’re primed to advance global health and address inequities. Highlights:

  • IFMSA students think beyond the hospital, advocating for the inclusion of social accountability, climate change and human rights into medical education. 
  • By offsetting more than 900 participants’ flights, IFMSA achieved coveted carbon-neutral status. 
  • They passed a draft MoU with GHN for future collaboration. 

And GHN welcomed new IFMSA subscribers from the Dominican Republic, Georgia, Germany, Haiti, Honduras, Latvia, Malta, Morocco, Poland, Romania, The Netherlands, South Korea, Tunisia and many more countries. Including, of course, ever-gracious Canada.
Thanks to all for joining GHN! Don’t forget to share GHN’s free subscribe link with all your fellow students back home:  
And a big GHN thanks to IFMSA’s leaders and organizers for hosting us!
Dayna Kerecman Myers, Global Health NOW

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