ICYMI: Slow and Steady Wins the Evolutionary Race

We may be late to the party here, but that’s only appropriate—favorable, even—given the circumstances. Research released weeks back revealed that moving at a snail’s pace might bode well for GHN if it were a species of mollusk, rather than a news site.

Scientists delved into 5 million years worth of evolution of 299 species of aquatic mollusks from snails to slugs and found that surviving species took their sweet time, metabolically speaking. At long last, being “lassitudinous and sluggish” has finally been given its due credit as an asset in evolution.

Species with “lower energy maintenance requirements”—the “lazy” ones—had a better chance of carrying on their kind. General takeaway for cardio-craving species: Quit while you’re ahead, because actually—you’re behind.


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